Dental Treatments

Dental problem is one of the most common health complains that people start experiencing from their childhood. As people grow up, different types of dental treatments may be needed for maintaining the original beauty of the teeth or to make them look more attractive. Cosmetic dentistry is known to be a smile makeover, with different types of latest scientific procedures in curing all dental flaws. All these dental treatments need specialized knowledge and modern dental tools, which may raise the costs of these treatments.


Whitening of teeth – The naturally white teeth enamel usually turns yellowish with growing age, if not taken proper care regularly. Moreover, teeth are often stained due to the intake of several foods and drinks; like tea, coffee, and tobacco products. Though there are some teeth bleaching products available at medical stores; it is best to avail teeth whitening treatment from a reliable cosmetic dentist. This process eliminates all stains and makes the teeth enamel shining white.


White filling of teeth – Earlier, dental cavities used to be filled with a dark-colored mercury amalgam filling, which made the teeth look uglier. Now, these composite fillings are available in the same shade of natural color of the teeth, which also renders longer life to those affected teeth. Moreover, this white composite material hardens very fast, as a result of which the patients can start chewing normal foods immediately after this cosmetic treatment. Video of white filling here.


Dental veneer – When the front part of teeth enamel is covered with a very thin layer of porcelain, it is termed as the veneer. This is quite popular in cosmetic dentistry and mainly used for rendering an aesthetic beauty to the smile of a person. These veneers are produced in dental labs and bond very fast with the natural teeth enamel. The layer of veneer easily takes up the shape and size of natural teeth, over which it is fixed. Dental veneer in wikipedia.


Dental bonding – This cosmetic treatment is used for repairing decayed or cracked teeth, by putting a soft paste of resin over the affected areas of teeth enamel. It is also used to cure problems of chipping and deformity of teeth. This resin of natural shade of the tooth is much cheaper than silver filling or mercury amalgam, which makes it most popular in cosmetic dentistry. This resin hardens within an hour and the dentists use laser or ultraviolet rays for fixing it over the teeth enamel. Then they trim off the excess resin and polish its surface, to make it look alike the natural teeth. Read more from Colgate.


Dental crowning – When the teeth are immensely decayed, porcelain crowns are permanently placed to cap those damaged teeth. Thus, those teeth restore the original look and enable the patients to eat normal foods as before, making it somewhat similar to veneer. Crowns can also be made of metal or a fusion of porcelain and metal, both of which are stronger and more expensive than the usual porcelain ones.


Dental implants – These implants are made of titanium and used for replacing a lost or heavily damaged tooth artificially. The dentists insert these implants into the jawbone of a patient, to replace the root of the lost tooth there, which is necessary for supporting the natural teeth.


There are more techniques of cosmetic dentistry that are safely used by expert dentists, for curing all minor and major dental problems.